The Highs and Lows of living with Type 1 Diabetes 

In the UK, around 12 people a day are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and half of them are adults. We still don’t know what causes this autoimmune disease, all we know is that diagnoses are increasing.

At times serious, often light-hearted and always colourful, Diabetes by Design is a collection of graphic posters and installations to raise awareness and dispel misconceptions surrounding T1D. 

Award-winning designer, Alex Durussel-Baker was diagnosed at 30 while on a work trip. Having not recognised the symptoms and one step away from a coma she was very fortunate to receive medical care just in time. However, one in four unaware sufferers will be in a critical state by the time they are diagnosed. For some, diagnosis will come too late. 

Diabetes by Design aims to inform, inspire and ignite new conversations around this often misunderstood disease – redefining what it means to live and thrive with a chronic condition.

"I am convinced the path to emotional and mental well-being is through turning an invisible, often misunderstood disease into visual and engaging talking-points. A way for the diagnosed, their families, friends and colleagues to break down barriers and connect over."

- Alex Durussel-Baker

Diabetes by Design: The exhibition

Made up of over 85 individual prints and installations, Diabetes by Design is a vibrant touring exhibition designed to be as much at home in a trendy art gallery as a medical conference. 

Chronicles of a chronic

Each poster is inspired by my experience of living with Type 1 Diabetes, you can discover the back story of each piece on my instagram @diabetesbydesign

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